Frequently Asked Questions

    Q  I prefer making an order over the phone and not put my credit card info on the internet.
    A  When you order by phone, we enter the into the same order form that you see on the screen.
    After you submit your order, our software scrambles some of the digits before storing your
    data on our server. Even if a hacker were to penetrate our system, which is very unlikely, the
    card numbers stored in that file will not resemble your card number because of our encryption.

    Q  Are You a Real Company
    A  "Yes we are a real company and have been since 2000."
    If you enter in Google, over 50,000 web pages come up.

    Q  How do I know if my piece can be engraved?
    A  The piece will need to have a flat or very slightly domed surface for engraving. Most formed charms do not have a flat place for engraving.

    Q  How much engraving will fit on my piece?
    A  Our engraving machines will auto-fit the engraving instructions to the space. What this means is that the more you ask to have engraved, the smaller the font size as a result. Best to look at our engraving examples similar to the piece you ordered, to see how many words will most likely fit that particular piece.

    Q  What about returns?
    A  Return any unaltered item for any reason for a 100% refund less shipping. Visit our returns page for full details.

    Q  Quality...
    A  These are fine quality Items. They are the same items as you find in fine department stores. You will notice from the time you open the well packaged box that each item is made with care.

    Q  What do the jewelry items weigh?
    A  When possible, we have included the approx gram weight of our items. However, these are approximations issued by the manufacturers. We have no way of guaranteeing these weights. Manufacturers will change designs slightly over time, and this will affect the gram weights. Our prices at any given time are based upon the manufacturers item at that time, and not based on the approximate size posted on our websites.

    Q  Do you sell wholesale?
    A  We do offer a wholesale program for qualified retailers. Email for details.

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